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Joint Formulary

Work on the Bedfordshire Joint Formulary is now in the final stages, the current working draft can be found on the Bedfordshire and Luton Formulary website and should be used as the formulary for Bedford Hospital from now onwards.


British National Formulary

BNF for Children

plus: Yellow Card e-learning

 Medusa: Injectable Medicines Guide

Pharmacy Intranet Page

Prescribing Specification 2017-19


The aim of the formulary

The main aim of this formulary is to promote safe, evidence-based, cost-effective prescribing.

Limiting the range of medicines included in the formulary and promoting the use of generic medicines where appropriate:
  • Enhances safety through familiarity with the medicines in use in the hospital by all staff
    involved in the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines
  • Ensures efficient use of NHS resources
  • Ensures efficient use of limited storage space both within the hospital pharmacies and
    on the wards, enhances good stock control and reduces the pharmacy stock holding 

Contact Medicines Information on ext 2475 if you have any medicines related enquiries 

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